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Trainyard 1.0

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Trainyard 1.0

The current updated map file.

Hey! I'm new here, and this is my first map ever. I got a little to far in

development before posting, and I know it was a big mistake. Anyway, here are some quick notes about the map:

- This is V1.0. Things WILL change
- Only RED works
- The right side of the map (facing away form the red spawn) will be a solid upward cliff, so no action there
- The left side will be a deadly drop, killing you
- The drop will be fenced better to avoid abusive air blasting
- Where the train runs over the cliff, there will be a bridge to a tunnel on the over side

So, other than that, criticize away! Keep in mind that this is my first map, an I am no expert.

*Please excuse the fact that is in hammer and there are tool textures in the way, this will be fixed in the next update**

Screenshot Link:
First release
Last update
King of the Hill

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