ctf_cliffside A8

Version A7

  1. PevWolf
    Some notes before we begin:
    - This is my first map
    - I did my research and read tutorials, but some of this stuff might be crap. If so, please help by leaving a comment
    - I am not an experienced mapper, so if there is anything you can help me with, please comment


    Brown Dirt = Bottom Of Cliff Death
    Rock = Cliff Face
    Dirt = Outside Area
    Dark-Grey = Walls/Spawnroom (Screwed up Sorry)
    Small Orange Rectangles = Roofs
    Light-Grey = Ramp/Upper Levels


    will come in a5, when the map if hopefully ready for a gameday. If you really want stuff from the map, just open up the map download.

    Change Log:

    - Added lighting
    - Added like 1 overlay
    - Moved small shack in field away from cliff some

    - Added link between the platforms in middle building
    - Flipped around small building in courtyard

    - Added spawnroom to side of map.
    - Made bridge over spawn-area from spawn to the middle building.

    - First release! :)

    To Do:
    - Maybe name change
    - Respawn room blockers (I forgot about those)

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