tr_cornerstab rc3b

Practice cornerstabs -- the easiest trickstab IMO. And more.

  1. Exitiosius
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    Cornerstab, stairstab, dropstab, and understab training area
    Spawn 5 different classes (for different speeds)
    Arena with props for jumpstabs; trickstab heavies who turn around

    ***FOR THIS TO WORK***
    MUST be set to: always
    Type it in your console BEFORE you join RED, or better, before you load the map.
    Otherwise do not leave negative reviews citing malfunctioning bots.
    Matador stabs can be practiced at the corners too, by not waiting until the bot has fully turned.
    The bot only needs to turn 30 degrees to allow a facestab. This holds true in real matador stabs as well.

    To change the bots' class, shoot the target boards.
    If bots fail to change class, especially in the arena, there's a killswitch for them. Use it and they will respawn properly.
    Face your worst fear -- 9 w+m1 pyros chasing you down a narrow corridor, where your only choice is to kill them or be killed.
    Fortunately, with the help of the supernatural, their flamethrowers have their gas supply removed.
    Scenery inspired partially by the Skellig Islands, when Padawan sphees seek the mentorship of the Spymaster.

    rc3b_arena.jpg rc3_2bot.PNG
    Added an option for 100ms lag simulation
    Fixed a bug where bots would get stuck on corners
    Got bored and added a few decorative rooms
    Reskinned some textures to better match the TF2 artstyle
    (Not much new in terms of gameplay changes, hence the minor version bump)

Recent Updates

  1. Bugfix, 100ms lagsim option