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  1. rafradek

    tr_ai_aim V2

    Map for aim training, but uses AI to move around randomly instead of external forces The bot joins BLU team, you have to join RED team Options: No movement, normal or max speed (up to 520 hu) Bots look in move direction or your direction Bots shoot at you Bots move direction change time Bots...
  2. This Guy.

    Training Map V2

    This map is not meant to be taken very seriously! It is mostly used for training purposes. Bots is a cp map that allocates the use of bots as its main gimmick. It involves open space, a couple health and ammo pack... Y'know, the normal stuff! Bots may not fully work due to some navigation...
  3. harris0n

    Newerbots rc4

    This map aims to refresh the visual style of newbots. There are minor tweaks as well, check out the changelog below: -Changed the art style to match tf2 better -Moved the resupply cabinet indoors to be reached easier -Updated the button icons -Made every corner slanted so bots no longer get...
  4. Obamid

    tr_denial V3

    A training map designed for practicing Airshots, Rocket Surfing, and Soldier Denial. THANK YOU TO YM FOR SKY_FUJI
  5. Gamecube762

    tr_airblast a1

    A pyro training map featuring a shoot-the-target mini-game where the player has to reflect rockets into the targets. Features: sv_cheats and sv_allow_point_servercommand detection to enable map features that requires cheats | WIP Rocket Launcher selection to control rocket speeds Start/Stop...
  6. Unregistered HyperCam 2

    tr_bhop_v1 2018-11-23

    When you succesfully time a bhop in this map you will jump very high and hear a sound effect, A multiplayer friendly and very light tiny first (but not really) map.
  7. Startacker!

    mvm_training v1

    A hopefully accurate MVM training map. Made mostly as an experiment. Has some light detailing. Install instructions: Move both the maps folder and scripts folder into Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf One issue that doesn't seem to be fixable is that the entire thing can be broken by...
  8. Gamecube762

    tr_dockyard a1

    UNFINISHED, NOT YET PLAYABLE This is a training map similar to tr_walkway with bots walking along a path. Rather than bots sliding on a conveyor belt, these bots walk on their own to their destination. Since this map is unfinished, it doesn't feature any working bots or anything really. Map...
  9. XEnderFaceX

    Shooting Range Prefab Final (Fixed Error)

    This is a Prefab of a Shooting Range! Zip-File includes: - shooting_range_prefab.vmf - shooting_range_prefab.bsp REQUIRED: Have fun
  10. Exitiosius

    tr_cornerstab rc3b

    Please subscribe and upvote on Steam workshop too! It helps me by making the map more discoverable. Features: Cornerstab, stairstab, dropstab, and understab training area Spawn 5 different classes (for different speeds) Arena with props for jumpstabs; trickstab heavies who turn around ***FOR...
  11. cuppajoeman

    Aim Map

    Hey I'm looking for someone who could help out in the making of an aim map(mostly for sniping). There are lots of good aim maps already in the game, but I have some ideas that could really push aim training to a new level in TF2. If you're interested in this please add me on steam...
  12. Gamecube762

    72hr trimp_entry A1

    trimp_entry is a stage-styled training map, similar to most jump_ maps. In the end, I didn't get as much time as I wanted to work on the map this weekend. I do plan on continuing the map. Any and all feedback is appreciated!
  13. Y


    Perfect for those of you who have no friends... to practice dodging rockets with (or Monoculus eyeballs). Or just for killing Monoculus. Map intended for Scout only. Walk on the center control point to spawn a Monoculus. If you spawned too many of them for you to handle, there is a mini control...
  14. Gamecube762

    72hr tr_trackrun Alpha 1 - reupload

    Tr_TrackRun is a training map featuring bots running down a track in an endless loop. Well until you forcefully end the loop by ending their life... Current Map Features: No SV_CHEATS required. Big open area Bots are running on their own(correct hitboxes). Bots like to stay in their lanes...
  15. Gamecube762

    trimp_devramps 2016-04-19 This map is aimed towards those who are new to trimping, or just want to fly around while running fullspeed into random slopes. This is a great map to learn and grasp how trimping works.
  16. wiseguy149

    I'm looking for collaborators for walkway.

    Hello, everyone. As you may or may not be aware, I've been working on a new version of tr_walkway for a little while now. Work on it has been progressing slowly yet steadily, but the scale of the project is starting to overwhelm me a bit, and I'm looking for collaborators to join the project...