Totem A3

What ghosts? This is just a forest!

  1. Darn I forgot to pack it

  2. The lightening - Larger midpoint, new area, more clipping

    > Midpoint is longer by 256 units on both sides so it's less cramped
    > Totem is now clipped all over so you can't get caught on it / stand on top of it
    > Houses at mid are changed - One has a rare spell with health/ammo upstairs and a slightly hidden common spell, and the other has a large health kit with a common spell upstairs and a slightly hidden ammo pack.
    > Both the rare spell and the large health pack have a death pit and pumpkin bombs around them respectively
    > The map's light_env...
  3. Lighting Fixes, detailing and more halloween!

    > Map is now a bit brighter (No pitch black areas)
    > Totem Pole is now fancy dancy, and has a rare spell on top of it
    > New large health pack surrounded by pumpkins (Note: Don't know how to make pumpkins respawn yet)
    > Pumpkin bombs!
    > Moved the wheel of doom card onto the totem pole.
    > Slightly adjusted trimp ramp so 100% speed classes can jump up to the spell.
    > Textured two buildings near the point.

    Have fun!