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> Midpoint is longer by 256 units on both sides so it's less cramped
> Totem is now clipped all over so you can't get caught on it / stand on top of it
> Houses at mid are changed - One has a rare spell with health/ammo upstairs and a slightly hidden common spell, and the other has a large health kit with a common spell upstairs and a slightly hidden ammo pack.
> Both the rare spell and the large health pack have a death pit and pumpkin bombs around them respectively
> The map's light_env has been changed from 300 to 750. All light_spots have been changed from 750 to 1250
> Trimp ramp replaced with 64 hu step. The common spell is still there
> The dancing option on the wheel of doom, and humiliation time, will teleport all players to "hell", which is really just a massive DM arena inside of the central totem pole. Two rare spells are available here, and players must jump through the portal in the middle to get back to the overworld. They will land in the water when they arrive.
> Added ramps outside of both spawn doors for easier access to spawn from outside
> Pumpkin bombs now respawn
> Ghosts will function properly
> Skybox raised

That just about covers it! Enjoy a3!
> Map is now a bit brighter (No pitch black areas)
> Totem Pole is now fancy dancy, and has a rare spell on top of it
> New large health pack surrounded by pumpkins (Note: Don't know how to make pumpkins respawn yet)
> Pumpkin bombs!
> Moved the wheel of doom card onto the totem pole.
> Slightly adjusted trimp ramp so 100% speed classes can jump up to the spell.
> Textured two buildings near the point.

Have fun!