Tidal rc

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Tidal rc

By Heyo

Cp_Tidal is set in a facility on the bayside. It's set at night time and I tried to create a cool view of a suspension bridge across the bay. I chose to keep each side similar in architecture so the whole map would fit together and feel like one cohesive modern facility.

It's a 5 cp linear push map with battles across rooftops and in alleys. There's a lot of ledges to look down and defend/attack from.

I've been working on it off and on since January 2010. For this map I spent a lot longer balancing gameplay and trying to make the areas fun than my I did for previous works. This time I let the maps design evolve more out of the playtests rather than just my head, so I think it plays a lot better than my older maps. It's balanced for 24 players.


Map by Sean "heyo" Cutino.

Contact: heyo2490@yahoo.com


Knifeback Mountain community - playtested the map in early development.

The CouchAthletics community - playtested the map in later development.

TypeZERO - admin of CouchAthletics who helped me a lot with setting up the playtests and gave good feedback.

My friend Justin - ran a server for me to playtest on.

Everyone else who playtested and gave me feedback.
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Latest reviews

A simply astounding 5cp map. Even as someone who doesn't particularly enjoy 5cp, I can say for a fact that this map is quite fun to play on! Love the height variation. All the points feel thought out, and the sightlines are nice and balanced. The only thing I can think of that I don't enjoy too much is how close the final points are to the spawn, but even that isn't too bad to deal with, and it's something I've grown to learn is customary with most 5cp maps unfortunately. All I can say is that this is quite the fun map, well detailed, and a great layout. If TF2 ever had an update with new maps (which I'm sure many of us doubt), this is certainly one of the maps that I'd hope would be added! It just feels perfect for base TF2!
Havent played on it but downloaded and explored it, it feels like im the pointman in FEAR and i am expecting Replica soldiers to ambush me any moment
Very impressive. Gives an espionage feeling due to the night team and the control points being on the roof. Fitting buildings and architecture, yet a fresh feeling do to it's location and setup.
I always had this on my server rotation list.
I have not played this map, but goddamn it looks awesome! Props to creator.
One of my favorite 5CP push maps of all time. The map is a great combination of balance and detailing and despite many people thinking it's a boring looking map, I think it's one of the prettiest custom maps in TF2.

Had the pleasure of playing this map quite a lot a few months ago. At full 12v12 it was a blast and both teams pushed and pulled as the rounds went on. Even at 6v6 and lower, balance was still there and winning was always a struggle. Perhaps I got lucky with a good group of players, but I think it was due primarily to solid map design.

The aesthetics in this map get a bad rap for being too boring. While I agree that the details are rather plain, what's there is executed in a cozy and natural way, which really help support the bayside tidal power plant theme. The architecture is nondescript and industrial, appropriate for the setting. Texture and lighting choices are neutral and accurate to an industrial facility. The window light gradients are a nice touch as well.