Borneo rc4

By Heyo

  1. heyo
    Pl_borneo is set in secret facilites in the jungles of Borneo. The map is a single stage payload map with 4 areas of battle.

    I've been working on this map for about two years total, and I think the new rc1 version is much improved. I'd like to thank Matt "vhalin" Leahy for both running playtests and helping to design the new version of the map.

    Many custom textures and models had to be created for the jungle theme. It was really tedious work making all the foliage but I hope it was worth it. Hope you enjoy the map!

    Please leave feedback, comments, and suggestions.

    If you would like to use the jungle assets for your own map, here are the files:
    Feel free to use them in your map, just give credit.

    Special thanks to for playtesting the map in gamedays.


    1. pl_borneo_rc10002.jpg
    2. pl_borneo_rc10003.jpg
    3. pl_borneo_rc10005.jpg
    4. pl_borneo_rc10010.jpg
    5. pl_borneo_rc10012.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Anonymous
    Version: rc4
    I enjoy playing this map thoroughly. My only critique would be the quiet ambient sounds, which doesn't sell me the jungle theme. But for a proven highlander map and the OG jungle map, it earned a spot in the official game.