Thematic rc1

Thyme reserves, attic sales.

  1. rc1

    -Changed map to daytime setting
    -Changed ground texture and added more foliages
    -Fixed front upgrade station not working occasionally
    -Improved sniper and engineer hints (new relays available)
    -Added an additional nav tag
    -And a lot of other minor changes
  2. b6 is a government propaganda

    (Including changes from the unreleased b6 which is unreleased because it was buggy but was already uploaded elsewhere)

    -Changed ladders in top path to a curve path through the left building.
    -Added more pickups and upgraded some existing ones.
    -Added "norampflank" tag to prevent bots from taking only the ramp to the middle building.
    -Added more cover for top path.
    -More detailing.
  3. b5a was so cool I uploaded it twice

    Actually it's because I forgot to put the new mission in sorry
  4. b5 is dead, have b5a instead

    -Added overlays, with a lot of custom ones
    -Robots no longer go through the middle hallway
    -Added more detailing
    -Improved lighting
  5. b4

    I did not forget this exists I swear

    -Added crates on top path to allow red players to jump through
    -Added front upgrade station
    -A lot of detailing 20201003134806_1.jpg 20201003134931_1.jpg 20201003135223_1.jpg
  6. b3 update

    -Updated lighting
    -Robots are no longer forced to take the same path as bomb carrier. "noflank" tag now exists.
    -Fix sentry busters attempting to use the middle building hall and failing to do
    -Fix robots getting stuck on palm tree near spawn
  7. B2 update

    -Fixed uber tank having missing textures
    -Removed clipping from middle building windows
    -Fix robots getting stuck on palm trees
    -Realigned some wood beam textures
    -Fixed tank spawn room
    -Added noentry symbol in front of alternate robot spawns
    -Changed map name :p
  8. Pack more assets

    Pack more textures
  9. pack assets/repack bsp

    Packed assets and repacked bsp
    Also added mission making txt file