TF2 Party (April Fools 2020) A12

It's party time! Feat. 13 unique minigames!

  1. TheMightyGerbil
    Version: A12
    Saw your thread and thought I'd give you a rating. Played and enjoyed your map a few times and it's a refreshing and inventive concept for TF2. Waterfallers is still a bit jank and the map still awaits an art pass but it was a nice change from normal play. Keep up the good work :) . Thanks for the "how to" thread too. I bet people can learn a lot from looking at your vmf.
  2. RSatobin
    Version: A12
    I used to play the old TF2Ware mod a good deal when I was in middle and high school. This reminds me of that, but a team-based variant that I think surpasses TF2Ware. I'd love to see some further expansion on the concept (though I understand that we're probably pushing the Hammer Editor to its source-spaghetti limits already), but it's extremely hard to beat when it comes to custom gamemode maps.
  3. Tango
    Version: A12
    Perfect, its fun.
  4. TheFluffycart
    Version: A12
    Played this a LOT on the server, and it's insane how fun it is. You killed it with this (Seriously, the fact that this doesn't crash is insane, great job). The minigames feel fair, and it's a lot of fun to compete with each other. Great job, 100% deserves the 5 stars it has
  5. Mathtriqueur
    Version: A11
    Really good map, good minigames, good downtime, just good good joke map stuff good