Techmap A16

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Techmap A16

Ten dollar hooker of maps

Techmap by: About 30 different fucking people.

After being passed around like a cheap hooker, things are looking up for Techmap. It now has a home, family that cares for it and affordable income.
First release
Last update
King of the Hill
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Latest updates

  1. Alpha 16

    Alpha 16 Minor changes all around, realized I probably should have those tested just in case. Slapped detailing that is in playable state on it for good measure. Changes include: - Minor changes and adjustments all around. - Point now unlocks...
  2. Alpha 15

    Alpha 15, the version where more shit is outside. Mostly to help players differentiate certain sections of the base better. Changes include: - The big room outside spawn is now outside. - Health and ammo adjustments. - Whole new set of health...
  3. Alpha 14

    Alpha 14, some experimental changes to the mid balconies to make soliders little less powerful. Changes include: - Mid balconies are now part of the indoors. - Health and ammo adjustments. - Added imaginary water under the point.