tc_mannland a5b

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> Fixed brushes blocking mid areas not disabling
> Fixed signs pointing into dead ends
> Changed door on Pyrotown for blue to be the standard setup gate instead of a brush
> Lowered various health and ammo boxes
> Added fencing to the trees
> Fixed the map not showing before rounds started
> Overhauled Outback so it's more properly sectioned
> > Swapped positions of the buildings
> > Removed roof access to the tech hall
> > Changed the point location entirely
> > Made a change in vertical between the point and the entrance
> > Changed the side connection to it and Haunted Mannsion
> > Removed the monorail
> Changed the staircase from the lower floor to the upper floor of HM
> > The staircase should allow defenders to find the cross-section exit easier
> Changed the bridges in Yeti Jungle
> Reduced the size of the main areas
> Isolated each area harsher, reserving mid for purely cross-rounds
> Added more flanks to each round
> Revamped the side exit to Yeti Jungle
> Changed point location on Alpine Resort
> More further detailing applied
> Changed signage relative to layout changes
> More detailing in certain areas
> Changed layout of pre-existing flanks to fit changed layouts
> Removed high-ground entrance to Alpine Resort
> Used vscript to enable sudden death
> Changed signage to use the Hydro arrow prop
> Simplified the side route for Haunted Mannsion and Outback
> Revamped side route for Alpine Resort
> Added a flank route for Alpine/Yeti and Mannsion/Outback
> Added blockers at mid to block off cross sections that don't connect to the an active area
> Various detailing around most of the map
> Feedback support
> Changed the mid section so most areas aren't as wide or long
> Revamped the verticality in almost every section
> Removed unnecessary signage
> Moved the Outback flank exit to be closer with the other exits
> Fixed Attackers spawning in the wrong spawn during lasts
> Improved Optimization