tc_mannland a5b

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tc_mannland a5b

A different mann co theme park

Entry into the Unofficial Territory Control Contest. For gameplay context this is a traditional territory control map.

Take a stroll into Mannland, a mann co theme park based around various things that has happened that they want the public to look the other way from and make a buck off of.

Custom Assets usage:
Custom Dev textures:
Future custom assets will be mentioned when added
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Territorial Control
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Latest updates

  1. a5b

    > Fixed brushes blocking mid areas not disabling > Fixed signs pointing into dead ends > Changed door on Pyrotown for blue to be the standard setup gate instead of a brush > Lowered various health and ammo boxes > Added fencing to the trees >...
  2. a5

    > Overhauled Outback so it's more properly sectioned > > Swapped positions of the buildings > > Removed roof access to the tech hall > > Changed the point location entirely > > Made a change in vertical between the point and the entrance > >...
  3. a4

    > Reduced the size of the main areas > Isolated each area harsher, reserving mid for purely cross-rounds > Added more flanks to each round > Revamped the side exit to Yeti Jungle > Changed point location on Alpine Resort > More further detailing...