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tc_crafterscore A2

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tc_crafterscore A2

A factory, beware of machinery!

My third map.
It is the factory part of my map trio (tallstorage, frostbay & crafterscore).

It is a large factory with a train going to Frost bay (you don't get to ride it), the inside is gonna get another conveyor belt or two & the roof is gonna have a lot more stuff.

This is the only gamemode (unless you have some suggestions).

No Mannpower or Medieval mode.

The layout of the map is a factory, there is also an outside area. 4 points are inside and 2 outside. RED points: Z is the control tower inside, Y is the security checkpoint outside & base is an underground parking lot. BLU points: X is the security/surveillance room, W is storage area & base is the loading area outside. there are conveyors inside. I shall become king of tc map making! I understand everything for I have awakened my third eye and seen the truth that is territorial control points.
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Territorial Control
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  1. tc_crafterscore

    I have added a more complex system of conveyor belts. plus four brick walls on the roof as part of the new koth capture point. I came up with koth as another game mode for crafterscore so look out for that in the future.