Tanker b3

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Tanker b3

made by iiboharz. who is a cutiepie


Third place winner of the TF2Maps 72hr Winter Special mapping contest.

Thanks to..
The cp_snowplow team for use of their assets.
Ravidge for their additional handrails.
Yggdrasil for their "Have A Coffee! You Can Sleep When You're Dead!" poster and Crash for uploading it.
Taxicat for helping me with the skybox texture.

annd last but not least, everyone who's provided me with helpful feedback.

29 June 2015
- Huge overhaul of third!
- detailing
- redid the bomb-pit brushwork as i was unsatisfied with its construction
- Fixed some buildings whose outside-facing walls were only 16u thick (should be 32u, interior walls 16u)
- adjusted cart path after first for better cart movement
- changed wind settings!
- a ton of undocumented changes because this is a huge update

4 June 2015
- fixed ridiculous respawn times

- massive optimization pass (HUGE THANKS TO PSY FOR HELPING ME WITH THIS <3 <3)
- re-added the popular doorway between 2nd and 3rd (however it is now locked until third is capped)
- extended setup time by 10 seconds
- changed spawn times
- lowered the room overlooking last
- tore apart red spawn and restructured the exits
- empty cart in BLU spawn is no longer in a frustrating position
- more detailing
- replaced cinderblock textures with bricks
- fixed inconsistent wall thickness in BLU spawn
- expanded platform immediately to the left after first
- fixed sightline between first & second
- a bunch-a lil' changes i cannot for the life of me remember

30 May 2015
- Beta!
- more detailing
- extended the maps boundaries for more detailing before the 3d skybox
- deleted existing 3D skybox, will redo in a future update
- nobuild on top of a crate right outside BLU spawn (sorry egan!)
- replaced the pipe near third with a fence (+more space next to the cart)
- the map room's windows at last are now very tight to shoot through (and some are completely blocked)
- placed a nobuild on top of a wall near last (nice find engineers)
- snow on rooftops!
- removed a doorway which was a popular route between 2nd and 3rd (sorry everyone!)
- optimized! a LOT less useless visleaves since the area under the map (disps) is no longer mostly hollow!
- some changes to geometry in the first area to improve gameplay for both attacking and defending teams
- made many changes to the first control point building
- added hampshire's heavy poster (<3)

25 May 2015
- all 4 windows at last have glass in them again
- the gap in that one pipe near third is now inpenetrable (should've been long ago)
- adjusted terrain around third
- fixed MANY doorframe props sticking out from the wall (and thus causing collision issues)
- added crates next to the "METAL" sign near first to help players be able to climb onto a platform
- 3D skybox changes
- lots of detailing
- rm hay
- lots of clipping
- some props positions have been adjusted slightly

12 May 2015
- lowered the wooden structure outside of blu spawn by 16 units so scouts can jump up to it from behind
- detailing
- removed the snow (it looked ugly)
- new courtyard which wraps around the right side of last
- minor geometry changes in areas between first and second
- remade the one building that the cart track passes through before third, is now much more square and has two floors
- some other things i cant remember lol
- removed particle manifest (snow removed for now)

11 April 2015
- fixed a brushface which shouldn't have had nodraw on it
- updated particle manifest

- sightlines
- made the detour around the rock after first wider to give players more room around the cart
- rm respawnroomvisualizer from THE DOOR
- minor lighting changes (env lighting)
- geometry changes in the big red building
- widened some doorways
- removed one of the windows from the wooden building at last
- made one of the windows in the new building at last into a doorway that leads to a balcony
- rm one of red's spawn doors
- gave red more defensive options for first and second
- defending team now cannot shoot into blu's first spawn zone
- moved third cap back where it was in a5
- moved first and second caps forward slightly
- more healthkits for blu at last
- upgraded the healthkit next to third to a medium
- updated particle manifest

7 April 2015
- retextured much of the big blue building
- detailing
- fixed some incorrectly constructed buildings
- massively reworked the layout of the area past 2nd
- modified the cart path, it now routes through the brick building before third instead of going right past it
- New interior at last.
- updated particle manifest

1 March 2015
pl_tanker_a7a (hotfix compile)
- packed missing skybox tree models
- missing clip brushes
- updated particle manifest

- optimized (large areaportals)
- made the one way door outside of RED spawn close after BLU caps B/second
- massively revised last, moved around RED's spawn to better direct players
- moved resupply cabinet in BLU's forward spawn to not be so close to the door
- fixed an exploit that let you survive falling off the cliff (missing trigger_hurt)
- fixed missing collisions on models
- players can no longer perch behind the cliff fences
- continued working on the 3D skybox
- continued detailing
- sightlines
- moved spectator cameras
- made the ramp before second shallower
- upgraded the ammo pack in the hut at last to a medium
- downgraded the full healthkit near third to a medium
- fixed skinning on some wood_fence_* props
- added a nobuild brush in some areas
- added a "no entry" door to BLU's forward spawn which opens once the second point is capped to signify that it's closed off
- updated particle manifest

25 February 2015
- post contest, removed 72 from the map name
- more detail
- adjusted fog & shadows
- clipped off the thing above the exit of red spawn
- moved the spectator camera watching blu spawn
- removed a stupidly placed blockbullets brush
- extended out of bounds areas
- optimized
- brush optimization
- made the deathpit kill trigger neater (not just one huge brush that encompasses the bottom of the level)
- removed RED's forward spawn, instead did a badwater-style spawn where RED spawns in the same location but with different routes available
- BLU forward spawn
- added a new flank that wraps around the third cap
- slightly modified the layout around third cap
- modified the track after the second cap
- cleaned up sightline across second cap
- restarted the 3D skybox, simple blocking out
- sealed the map
- changed the snowcat to use vphysics instead of a custom blockbullets brush because that was stupid
- slightly modified layout at first
- moved third forward, distance between third and final is now more akin to Badwater
- moved second back a bit
- updated particle manifest

==== 72hr Contest ====

26 January 2015
- more detailing
- fixed broken blu forward spawn HOPEFULLY THESE SPAWNS DON'T GLITCH ANYMORE
- cleaned up sightlines around first
- moved the "have a coffee" poster
- made the finale pit thing more actual payload-y

25 January 2015
- detailed, a lot
- started a 3D skybox because why not
- general optimization
- made the building at last taller and clipped the roof
- more obvious glass at last on red spawn windows
- removed redundant pathway
- added snow particles
- tightened up the hallway that first is in

- added a new flank that goes around the second cap
- more ammo/metal around the map
- red now starts at forward spawn and once the first CP is capped they get pushed back
-- forward spawn then becomes blu's but still locked until they cap second
-- uses similar logic to upward.
- gave red more cover coming out of last spawn
- gave red a one way route that lets them get behind the attacking team
- added spectator cameras
- rejiggered the layout at first

24 January 2015
- optimized doorways with areaportals
- fixed red spawn doors
- added rocks for cover/to break up the space
- fixed blu forward spawn
- added a building to break up the playspace on last
- added more health and ammo near last
- added an additional red spawn closer to the final cap

- no changes, first release
First release
Last update

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