Swampbridge a3

Made by Dr. Cranium

  1. Dr. Cranium

    Hi, I'm a beginner mapper, and this is my first completed and published map.

    The story is simple: RED and BLU trains met each other on the same rail in a distant swamp. Two teams of skillful professionals landed on a place to deal with problem: whose train will roll on rails, and whose - down the cliff...

    The map ended up small, so it was decided to make it arena. Almost everything works as it should, though I'd like some response for future tweaks.

    Plans for future:
    • More textures
    • More props in gameplay area
    • 3D Skybox
    • Soundscape
    • Overlays
    • Roofed pier for airboats
    • Tweaks for lighting
    • Possibly - changes in buldings
    • Feedback-based changes


    1. arena_swampbridge_a30000.jpg
    2. arena_swampbridge_a30002.jpg
    3. arena_swampbridge_a30004.jpg
    4. arena_swampbridge_a30007.jpg
    5. arena_swampbridge_a30008.jpg
    6. arena_swampbridge_a30009.jpg