Supply A6

Not to be confused with arena_supply, its completely different

  1. Alpha 6

    • Minor detailing and texturing
    • Reworked some sightlines
    • Minor layout changes
    • Moved the garage doors at mid bit higher to allow to walk under them
    • Replaced brush barriers at mid with fences
    • Unclipped the mid building
    • Added a second car on mid
  2. Alpha 5

    • Changed and removed some medkit and ammo placements
  3. Minor update because I'm dumb

    • Fixed the spawnpoints
  4. Alpha 4

    • Added a new area between the spawn and the 1st building
    • Minor changes to the spawn building
    • Minor detailing
  5. Alpha 3

    • Layout changes
    • Added healthpack in the alcove thing
    • Added missing resupply cabinets
  6. Alpha 2

    • Redone the layout from scratch
      • Generally upscaled the map