Supply Depot

Supply Depot A7

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I've been stuck on the idea of a warehouse map for a while. I've already started from scratch once, and I'm not sure if I want to do it again. But I'm just stuck on what I want to do with this map and/or the idea. So for now, I'm going to move on to new ideas.
I realized just how much is needed for a map to be finished. So I'm reverting it back to alpha! I got a lot of feedback from it's first test ever, so I've made a couple of changes based on that.

First, the "biggest" change, I widened the ramps leading up to the area above the point, which in turn, made the room the point is in smaller (Unfortunately, I'd have to widen the whole map to keep it the same size, and I'm not comfortable with my abilities (yet) to be able to do that yet).

The minor changes are as follows:

I adjusted the clipping and placements of the forklifts near the right spawn exits, as well as added nobullet brushes to the forklifts since the collision model for the forklift is kind of awkward to run up the back of it, so you can walk through the top part of it (for now)

Made basketball hoops non-solid. (How did I miss that?)

Added chicken wire texture below the ramps to sniper walkway where before it was just clip brushes.
This version adds a lot of new props, especially in the rafters of the storage "building." There's a new metal pile, a wood pile, and a forklift on each side.
+Added Sandvich to table
Just need to update most/all of the screenshots.
Just the most recent version, I probably made 1 or 2 small changes.
There's now a brand new doorway to shorten the time it takes to get to the area with the shipping containers, as well as the upper area of the point building.

Added rails to sniper walkway, projectiles can go through, but has clip brush around it.
Just shortened a clip brush that was too far out, and put an underscore in the file name to add a space when you load the map.
The map is now named "Supply Depot" and has a new, small (inaccessible to player) office building/room in the area exiting the right spawn door. This creates an area so snipers can't camp the door fully.

Added props to the rooms, and added a way to get on the roof of the rooms.
Had map issues, but managed to fix them.

+ Changed the stairs to be metal grate ramps, added another ramp to small sniper walkway against a wall.

+ Wanted to add patches below ammo and health spawns, but they were "touching too many faces" which I didn't know how to fix

+ Small dirt pile in corner near containers.