Sunset B3

The sun may set sometimes, and that's OK

  1. Fixed download

    The file uploaded last wasn't packed. Sorry! This is the correct version that should appear on the server.
  2. Major layout update

    A ton of changes. There's an ocean now...
  3. Some important tweaks

    • Changed layout of Shack (now exits onto raised platform).
    • Fixed asymmetry issues.
    • Changes spawn building layouts.
    • Tweaked medium health pack locations at Indoors (no need to jump up to get the health).
    • Miscellaneous changes.
  4. A-Beta-P!

    @Another Bad Pun has joined the dev team for Rompramp! Rompramp is now Sunset!
    • Name changed from "Rompramp" to "Sunset"
    • Retexturing pass
    • Optimization pass
    • Skybox/light_env changes
    • Added another ramp to access the mid bridge
    • Removed two windows from mid structure
    • Added small healthpacks by mid
    • Added a way for Scouts to get up to the top platform at mid
    • Removed doors from tower buildings, and changed interior ramps
    • Revamped interior of...
  5. Why would you complain about extra health packs?

    • Reduced cap time from 9 to 8 seconds.
    • Increased defender spawn time from 8 to 9 seconds.
    • Reduced size of capture zone.
    • Added crates to sides of capture zone building.
    • Added fencing to remove sightline.
    • Increased steepness of staircases from tunnel to side buildings.
    • Changed ramps in towers to be less awkward to navigate.
    • Added clipping by the aforementioned staircases.
    • Removed bottom half of pillars near new fencing.
    • Removed fencing from platforms across...
  6. I hope you folks wanted more routes

    • Removed custom content until I can figure out why packing won't work
    • Expanded 'tower' buildings to side of points, with new doorways and areas.
    • Added staircases from the 'tunnel' to the side buildings.
    • Added a medium health pack in the 'tunnel.'
    • Changed small health packs in 'tower' buildings to medium health packs, and tweaked their locations.
    • 'Miscellaneous' 'changes' 'to 'make' 'the' 'map' 'better.'
  7. Wow that's new

    • Reverted point design
    • Added towers
    • Removed bridges
    • Changed locations of respawn cabinets
    • Compiled with -both (instead of -hdr and -ldr)
    • Miscellaneous changes
  8. New cap design!

    • Changed the design of the cap to a 'pit with two staircases.' Removed a medium health pack that got in the way of this change.
    • Tweaked stacks of crates to make climbing on top of specific roofs easier.
    • Added additional textures to differentiate locations across the map.
    • Pickup location changes.
    • Miscellaneous changes.