Studio a9test

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-added clipping to the rock climping top area
Welp guess who is now working on the map? Its ya boi RHAMKIN!!!
so for this version i didnt do much
-extended a little bit of the highground
-changed the area infront of the spawn to fit more of the hollywood theme
-added some movie lights in the ceiling of mid
  • Removed box at mid
  • Lowered IKEA wall at Saxton
  • Lowered IKEA walls at Mid Flank
  • Changed packs position at Mid Flank
  • Added a bit of cover for spies at Mid Flank
  • Added more packs at Mid
  • Removed dumpsters at Spawn Green wall
  • Changed alley flank into 2 separate team flanks
  • Added small room separation between Mid and Saxton
  • Changed spawns a little
  • Added Moon Landing stuff
  • Changed staircase at Mid near Batts
  • Moved packs in the same are slightly to team wall
  • Changed slightly route to Batts (doorway is now wider, connector ceiling is lower)
  • Raised wall at Lobby
  • Changed entrance at Spawn yard
Nerfed engineer
  • Changed ammo pack at Mid from medium to small
  • lowered wall at Mid, preventing engies from succesfully building a sentry on top of crate
  • Added back a hedge wall at Outside, granting players a quick way to Mid highground from Outside
  • Changed Sun position
I dont really have many thoughts and changes for this map rn, so just doing quality of life changes
  • Added small health pack near the truck at Outside area
  • Added small health pack and medium ammo pack near the Batts
  • Added small pocket at Batts
  • Changed wall height at Mid
  • Changed some lighting at multiple areas, making map less shadow-y
  • Removed clutter at Mid
  • Changed highground area at Lobby (wooden ramp and more plants)
  • Small detailing
  • Increased size of ladders near Truck
  • Added crates near Truck to stop players from getting stuck near along side the wall
  • Changed brushes at Batts
  • Slightly increased point width
  • Changed pack at mid from small ammo to small health
  • Slightly separated ammo & health packs from each other, preventing players from accidentally picking both
  • Minor detailing
  • Minor optimisation
  • Removed
  • Added porn to Porn
  • Added Dab Goblin
  • Added clip brush above the Sexxies
  • Changed Mid
  • Changed Batts
  • Changed Outside area
  • Changed Spawn area
  • Changed Yard
  • Raised skill ceiling