stormhouse a4

after the storm subsides comes sunshine.

  1. A4 - More minor changes

    -added 2 new buildings to D for sniping cover
    -redid gate timing for B
    -subdivided some displacement
    -added more ammo/hp packs
    -added construction walls for the theme

    i think there will be 3 or 4 more alphas before i boot this into beta


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    5. 20170201153250_1.jpg
  2. a3 - minor changes

    -fixed some door problems
    -fixed displacement seams
    -removed 1-way windows
    -removed both ways up to the finale barn
    -made red balcony a drop down shack
    -a minor amount of detailing added around A
    -removed skybox
    -removed some custom content


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  3. Height and routes update

    -added a choke to A
    -added a rollback zone between the barns at the starting point of the cart
    -reworked B point
    -added a new catwalk entrance and balcony for C
    -added new building for defending C
    -removed a major chunk of reds balcony
    -added a new back zone to D
    -added 3-4 new hp/ammo packs into the map

    next update will be
    -limited roof access for red at D
    -turning the red balcony into an observation dropdown


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