Steep rc2

Mann vs. Machine vs. Mining vs. Mountain

  1. a4

    I got frustrated with trying to fix the previous map because it had a lot of dependencies in the layout (i.e. things being next to other things, making them difficult to edit) and it was also just pretty boring overall. This new layout is more linear and is separated into more distinct parts, making it easier to work with. Vertical play is emphasized.

    The map has two routes, both of which are very separated from each other. Because the paths are so separate, tank paths will adjust themselves to fit: Path A will take the same path as the robots, and Path B will take the opposite route.

    Map length is around the length of Rottenburg. The popfile is Hamlet Hostility, edited to make work with the map's entity setup.


    1. mvm_ido_a40001.jpg
    2. mvm_ido_a40002.jpg
    3. mvm_ido_a40003.jpg
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