Steep rc2

Mann vs. Machine vs. Mining vs. Mountain

  1. Alpha 2

    Alpha 2

    added "common" tag to nav blockers to enforce a more strict path for bots
    changed train gate entrance to playerclip so bots are less confused on how to enter the map
    moved pickups around, upgraded some medium health/ammos to fulls, added more in general
    raised hatch area 64 units
    raised spawn by an additional 64 units
    fixed nobuild on certain roofs
    forward upgrade station never disables itself (will find a better solution but for now this fixes the station being closed when you fail a wave)
    moved left side flank towards hatch by 256 units

    Normal popfile:
    start with 500 credits (was 400)
    adjusted several spawn rate values across all waves to be more reasonable
    added AlwaysFireWeapon to pyros

    wave 1:
    changed pyros to support
    giant demos replaced with regular demos, which spawn after all soldiers are spawned
    added sniper mission

    wave 2:
    giant heavies replaced with regular heavy/medic combo
    added scouts that spawned after all heavy/medic combos spawn
    demoknight support does not spawn until all heavy/medic combos spawn

    wave 3:
    increased tank health (15,000 -> 35,000)
    melee heavies spawn earlier
    soldiers spawn later, less frequently
    giant heavies replaced with giant shotgun heavies

    wave 4:
    changed giant heavy support from regular heavies to melee heavies
    changed melee scouts to melee pyros

    wave 5:
    giant soldiers spawn after heavies all spawn

    wave 6:
    increased tank health (20,000 -> 30,000)
    changed snipers to scouts
    made pyros support

    front spine doesnt have much cover and the cover it does have is hard to use. it needs a redesign
    right side (two parallel trains) needs a redesign. likely it will not have the trains anymore, as I don't want the terrain to be flat (height difference to hatch is pretty big and i think that area needs to be more interesting in general)
    health and ammo placement is goofy as heck
    middle path is rather difficult to play because of no cover. the spine between it and the hatch needs a redesign to be more usable.
    still need to implement train
    hatch area probably needs more cover
    the front is a big ol spam pit. i may add a secondary entrance over by where the parallel train tracks are now to allow more versatility in the waves (would use a different spawn name so popfiles have to intentionally use it?)
    i think i might expand the back spine to alter the overall layout as such.

    (popfile notes may be incomplete because of a computer crash)


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