72hr Jam 2023 Steal a2

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  • Added ramps to mid to make it much easier to navigate around the bridge.
  • Added extra rock to mid as cover.
  • Overhauled the large interior space in the bases to be less open/empty/easier to navigate:
    • There is an extra ramp making it easier to get onto the high ground.
    • The huge sightline that goes all the way through the base has been blocked.
    • Added and adjusted cover in a few places.
  • Fixed hdr using incorrect bloom parameters because I used keyfield values that only exist in beta versions of tf2c currently.
  • Fixed missing pickups.
  • Fixed missing cubemaps.
  • Disabled collision on door frames.
  • Changed ctf gametype and TeamNum on the flags so that you can cap them more than 3 times.