72hr Jam 2023 Steal a2

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72hr Jam 2023 Steal a2

tdm with a twist!

Steal is a tdm/ctf map made for Team Fortress 2 Classic during the 2023 tf2maps 72hr jam.

It is a tdm map with the twist that each team also has an intelligence which can be used to steal 30 points from the enemy team.

Currently, as there isn't really a good way to using map logic to obtain the current domination logic score the flag is always active even if a team does not have 30 points. This results in a negative score being possible. This can be fixed using some new outputs present on tf_logic_domination which should arrive in the next tf2c update.

The clipping was done rather quickly and is pretty bad because of time constraints.
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Latest updates

  1. a2

    Added ramps to mid to make it much easier to navigate around the bridge. Added extra rock to mid as cover. Overhauled the large interior space in the bases to be less open/empty/easier to navigate: There is an extra ramp making it easier to get...
  2. a1a

    Fixed missing pickups. Fixed missing cubemaps. Disabled collision on door frames. Changed ctf gametype and TeamNum on the flags so that you can cap them more than 3 times.