Stargaze a3

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- New name, cp_stargaze! I actually originally called this map stargaze but switched it to skylight right before releasing a1. Now we back. Crazy.
- Reworked the awkwardly shaped building near the fences behind A. It should give Blu easier access to the roofs, and it's less narrow than before so fighting inside isn't as claustrophobic. There's also medium health/ammo inside to make this route (the route furthest away from B) more appealing.
Back building entrance.jpg Back building exit.jpg

- Added a building to block a large sightline left of B (from red's side). It also links to the main B lobby.
Red left route to A.jpg

- Added a shortcut door linking the area above A to B. It should help Blu push past a forward hold, but it opens slowly enough that they can't use it to quickly get to B before Red has a chance to respawn. I'm worried this might be too strong for Blu and/or make it too easy for Red to flank Blu when they're pushing last, so will be watching closely to see how it plays.
B sneaky door.jpg

- Added some cover behind B and increased ammo around there to hopefully help engineers.
- Reverted B cap time back up to 8 seconds (from 6).
- Added more health/ammo, particularly in the area from A -> B.
- Added more windows so you can see through walls.
- Added more signs, mainly from Blu forward spawn to B.
- Added some textures because I'm getting sick of looking at giant red walls.
- Tidied some geometry, what a mess.
- Fixed the shutter window getting scared when you touch it.
- Fixed minor clipping issues.
- Fixed minor displacement issues.
- Fixed some of the spectator cams not looking at the right stuff at the right time.
- Fixed lighting issue on the moving steps so the sides aren't black, although it still isn't completely smooth. Thanks Defcon for suggesting I looked at how Nucleus does it, that really helped. Haven't figured out how to stop ragdolls falling through it yet.

- More lights!
- Added alternate route around A that links back up with highground.

- Nerfed sightlines around A.
- Added small shack with small health and medium ammo pack near A.

- Made it easier to rotate to left flank route attacking B since it went unused in A1 testing.
- Reduced B cap time to 6 seconds (from 8 seconds).
- Changed window outside of red spawn to be more noticable.
- Added more signs and pathing to help guide players to A point.
- Put skyboxes over rock walls so you can't shoot over them.
- More clipping, red spawn has fewer crazy steps.


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