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Stargaze a3

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  1. dotmd
    Single stage, 2cp a/d map set at night. (formerly cp_skylight).
    Main aim of this project is to see it through to the end and finish it. Hopefully it ends up being fun to play too.

    The first idea I had when making this map was that I wanted a control point where the strongest place to hold is above/behind the point. However to actually get onto the point to stop attackers, you have to jump down and put yourself at risk. That's why, at the moment, jumping down to A as red is a one way route. This then opens up when Blu caps A to give them an easy path towards B. I've got some feedback saying that not being able to get back up to the high ground as Red is frustrating but I still want to try and get this to work. Since it was the main idea behind the entire map I'm kind of reluctant to change it, but will be watching closely to see how it plays. I might try one version with the shutter being unlocked if Blu keeps winning.

    Mostly inspired by other last points I like, namely process and sunshine. Not sure if it's too small/simple at the moment so may end up reworking the entire point, but we'll see.

    Other areas

    There's a little section inspired by that area behind Badwater 2nd because that's the most fun part of that map.
    Stairs that move wow.
    I wanted roofs to be accessible because roofs are fun.
    Night time maps are pretty and there aren't enough of them.
    Going to be detailed similar to barnblitz_pro, but at night.

    To do: Build telescope

    Thanks to
    - Map testers
    - A Boojum Snark (resource pack)
    - Acegikmo (environment gallery)


    1. Blu spawn.jpg
    2. Blu left route to A.jpg
    3. A Left Entrance.jpg
    4. A Main Entrance.jpg
    5. A point.jpg
    6. A_left flank.jpg
    7. B sneaky door.jpg
    8. Behind A.jpg
    9. Back building entrance.jpg
    10. Back building exit.jpg
    11. A to B connector.jpg
    12. B from blu side.jpg
    13. B from red side.jpg

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