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Starcanyon a4

midnight in the Texas panhandle

  1. Reworking B and C

    -Added new underground flank on B

    -Rearranged raised area on the inside area before B

    -Added roofed portion to break up sightlines before C and to provide an advantage for attackers

    -Added raised entrance into C to make capping easier

    -Rearranged the flank on last to prevent defenders from abusing it

    -General miscellaneous improvements

    I NEED to fiNISH the SKyboxxxxx grrrrrr
    its just exponentially increasing in difficultyyyy
  2. Closing Door and Minor Improvements

    -Added a closing door on first to prevent red from abusing a powerful flank.

    -Messed with health pack placement around first

    -Added a ramp in the building between A and B

    -Added some extra cover for defenders on last against airblasts

    -Moved door back on right flank on A

    -Fixed a sightline on first
  3. Cover Changes and Respawn Timing

    -Decreased respawn time for Red on last to increase the challenge for attackers

    -Decreased respawn time on first from 18 seconds to 14 seconds

    -Altered cover on C and B

    -Increased visibility of the underground flank on last

    -Messed around with health placement around the entire map.

    -Raised Blu's second spawn up to avoid spam killing
  4. Improved last and red respawn

    -Red should properly respawn immediately after capping A&B

    -Replaced the main entrance into D with a wide door facing south

    -Moved some arrows to avoid confusion coming out of spawn until I can find a better solution

    -Moved door to face the drop down into C to prevent Red over extending.
  5. Bug fix

    I got naed during a test because I didn't check spawns like a dumby
    -Fixed teleporting spawn stuck spot
    -Removed one way door on B
  6. Last and Timing changes

    -removed spool from blocking door at first

    -turned staircase at last into dropdown and flank and widened area

    -increased setup time

    -increased spawn time on blue for b

    -decreased spawn time for red on b

    -added force respawn on caps for red

    -added trigger teleport to reds second spawn

    -added signs

    -reduced spawn time for red on c

    -increased spawn time for blue on c

    -fixed floating cart...
  7. minor bug fixes

    fixed some bugs before playtests start
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