Spy Steals a Burger from the REDs 2019-08-03

Spy steal borgar epich style

  1. the mediviso
    Decided on making a poster with SFM for the contest because its just about all I'm actually good at, and even then I'm not that good at it either.

    Actually had the idea for this when it was announced, as the summer theme of the art made me think of "what if spey steel borgar tat wid be eepich". Either way it was a fun project and I cant wait for the next one of these whenever it comes out (plus its a nice refresh after spending 12h a day standing up and holding brass tubes). Also, I tried to keep the non-tf2 stuff to a minimum in this (to serve mostly as Easter eggs) but if some of them are too obvious I can go back and edit them out.

    And Now, the moment you've all been waiting for!

    these people made the things I used and have actual talent
    (If I missed something on here let me know)​
    • SFM_SUBURBIA: Benjamoose
    • Enhanced Spycrab: SPICY_APPLES
    • More convenient Unusual and Killstreak Particles!: RedMser
    • The Guard Dog SFM: Szab√≥ "Maxxy" Attila, Pyanodon, Anomidae
    • [TF2] Contracker: FusionArby, Crescent, BurstIsMildlyOk
    • Splatoon 2 Off The Hook Model Pack: Evan "crueldude100(Evan)"
    • A Hat in Time 2018 Pack: Guimian
    • Hollow Knight: Enforma, Ultim8Nik, Tyrexchip, RobGamings
    • Summer 2019 Pack Cosmetics: GamingTaco
    • SFM and TF2 Models: No Idea but thanks lads