spleef_minecraft A5

Spleef in TF2

  1. added more special events

    • Added more random events
    • Scouts and spies have range reduced more
    • Spies now can use disguise kit
    • All spy cloaks behave like stock cloak now
  2. hmm

    reverted spy nerf
    scout can triple jump again
  3. random events

    Doors now damage players when blocked
    Added random events
  4. more things

    • Added shrinking zone, activates after 45 seconds
    • Scouts can only double jump with atomizer
    • Spies decloak automatically every 7 seconds
    • Soldier is slightly slower
    • Melee range slightly increased
    • Scouts jump 15% higher
    • Scouts regenerate wrap assasin balls 30% faster