Multi Stage Snowcrystal rc8

A snowy themed control point attack/defend map

  1. ethosaur
    Hey! This is my new map I been working on. It is currently in Final release stages and ready to be moved on to official release soon!

    This is a 3cp 2 Staged Attack/defend map meant for standard public play or highlander.
    Themes are based off coldfront and dustbow

    Also on the steam workshop:

    This map is still in development, it will be updated automatically with the newest version when available. 2015-08-28_00011.jpg 2015-08-28_00010.jpg 2015-08-28_00008.jpg 2015-08-28_00007.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. J3lly 2
    J3lly 2
    Version: rc8
    I just like maps with snow in it soooo much during Christmas :)