snowbase a17

2cp a/d set in a spytech base on a mountain island.

  1. a17


    -added broken glass in an open window to make it more obvious it is open
    -opened door into B lobby, added walls within lobby in relation to new entrance (experimental change)
    -removed chairs from B for the sake of clipping
    -replaced all instances of metal grate texture with reckoner variant, which i think blocks explosions

    -changed all doors that open after capping A from hand symbols to lock symbols
    -changed all doors that never open (scenery) from no symbols to hand symbols
  2. a16


    -missing from a15 changelog: re-opened A balcony since it's now easier to out-range
    -missing from a15 changelog: moved stairs around in B lobby. not really sure why but it felt right

    -added minor detailing in front of non-gameplay doors, removed no-entry symbols
    -blue forward spawn's "RESPAWN" sign does not appear until spawn room is active
    -raised A far flank by 32 units
    -fixed z-fighting at A far flank stairs
    -added window to B flank (experimental change, intended to make the route...
  3. a15


    -added cover to A shack to give red an easier time holding there, probably
    -extensive changes to the areas surrounding A. for the most part, these are all to allow more angles to approach A for both teams, which should make it less of a spam festival and allow more strategic plays.
    -also consequentially reworked B lobby a bit to fit new doorways
    -added more cover to blue B balcony
    -added doorway from blue B balcony to B flank, allowing blue to push into it more easily, probably...
  4. a14a


    -fixed bug where blue couldn't cap A
  5. a14


    -removed stair from outside of A lobby to simplify routing (didn't seem to be used often and made next change possible)
    -added fence to try and mitigate airblasting a bit
    -added handrails around perimeter of A
    -added door to prevent (easy) access to upper balcony. can still be used by engineers but they must sentry-jump up
  6. a13


    -added nobuild to the column crotches
    -added cliff route at A. experimental change
    -clipped bush ledge at B
    -added more cover around blue's balcony at B
    -adjusted cover at main B entrance to block sight from where red leaves spawn
    -adjusted B flank - now leads to back balcony. red must use this flank to access back balcony
    -added letter signs at A and B so you're sure which is which
  7. a12


    -adjust geometry near B far balcony to make snipers less powerful
    -removed glass above B attacker balcony to allow jumping out of it
    -added small flank to B main entrance for sneakier plays
    -moved pickups in main B area to other side of room, near spawn

    -red respawn time when defending B from 8 (16) to 9 (18) seconds
  8. a11


    -missing from a10 changelog: removed most railings from blue fwd spawn roof to make spamming A more comfortable

    -changed full health on high ground outside blue spawn to two mediums
    -moved cliff pickups inside, changed health from medium to full
    -made cliff route a bit bigger by the lower lobby entrance
    -added one-way gate to underneath helipad from lower lobby
    -changed health under helipad from small to medium
    -several minor geometry changes in preparation for artpass
    -raised some...
  9. a10


    -changed blue spawn in order to enforce a more predictable flow and allow red a further forward hold at the start of the round, as well as eliminating an awkward perspective from red's high ground towards blue spawn
    -changed cliff flank health from small to medium, moved health/ammo further in from cliff

    -opened the big door going right onto the point (instead of small dinky door next to it).
    -reverted dropdown back to stairwell.
    -tightened lower platform in by 64...
  10. a9


    -reworked A lobby entirely to better allow fighting within it and better rotation for both teams. it is bigger now
    -A lobby reworks consequently resized B lobby, though there are no real layout changes to speak of
    -added wall to B by far (window-side) balcony, allowing blue to contest it more easily. also directs red players out of B room better
    -adjusted pretty much all pickups at B
    -added arrow to guide red players to A more easily