snowbase b5 s2

Two Stage 2CP A/D set in a spytech base on a mountain island.

  1. Idolon

    Snowbase is a two stage 2CP A/D with a coastal theme with heavy spytech. Features a non-conventional but relatively easy to learn layout.

    Map by Idolon
    Original concept and inspiration by Yrrzy
    Custom assets by Seba, Yrrzy, Ida
    Delivery van model - evil knevil, NassimO
    Forklift model - Rexy

    This map was developed as two separate maps and combined to make the final multi-stage map. This thread traces the development of the second stage. The first stage can be found here: Snowcave.


    1. cp_snowbase_b20000.jpg
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    4. cp_snowbase_b20003.jpg
    5. cp_snowbase_b20004.jpg
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    10. cp_snowbase_b20009.jpg
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