snowbase b5 s2

Two Stage 2CP A/D set in a spytech base on a mountain island.

  1. Idolon

    Snowbase is a two stage 2CP A/D with a coastal theme with heavy spytech. Features a non-conventional but relatively easy to learn layout.

    Map by Idolon
    Original concept and inspiration by Yrrzy
    Custom assets by Seba, Yrrzy, Ida
    Delivery van model - evil knevil, NassimO
    Forklift model - Rexy

    This map was developed as two separate maps and combined to make the final multi-stage map. This thread traces the development of the second stage. The first stage can be found here: Snowcave.


    1. cp_snowbase_b20000.jpg
    2. cp_snowbase_b1_p30011.jpg
    3. cp_snowbase_b20002.jpg
    4. cp_snowbase_b20003.jpg
    5. cp_snowbase_b20004.jpg
    6. cp_snowbase_b20005.jpg
    7. cp_snowbase_b20006.jpg
    8. cp_snowbase_b20007.jpg
    9. cp_snowbase_b20008.jpg
    10. cp_snowbase_b20009.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. Snufflepus Penguin
    Snufflepus Penguin
    Version: b5 s2
    This is a pretty solid map. One criticism is the entrance to point B which is not very well shown, so making it more obvious where BLU players have to go would be better, as they would assume that they would keep going forward.
  2. Anonymous
    Version: b5 s2
    beautiful map so far