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Skyway A15

Do the dishes and capture the flag

  1. Alpha 15

    • Clipping improvements

    • Optimization improvements

    • Various minor visual fixes and adjustments
  2. Alpha 14

    • Fixed some problematic sightlines

    • Adjusted props in mid upper route to provide more cover

    • Optimization improvements

    • Clipping improvements

    • Various minor visual adjustments
  3. Alpha 13

    • Added a staircase and dropdown connecting upper and lower routes at mid

    • Widened entrance to lower mid route and removed the second interior doorway

    • Increased health and ammo in upper mid route from small to medium

    • Added small health and ammo in garage

    • Added a grate in spawn floor to make the lower exit more visible

    • Adjusted position of spawn points to increase lower exit visibility

    • Increased respawn wave time from 7 to 10

    • Various minor visual...
  4. Alpha 12

    • Reduced length of mid by 512 units

    • Replaced central building with a narrow platform

    • Added planks connecting cable car terminals to central platform

    • Removed doorway and stairs that previously connected to central building

    • Widened entrance to upper route

    • Adjusted health and ammo positions
    • Added prop below spawn building window exit to make it easier to use without taking fall damage
    • Clipping improvements

    • Various...
  5. Alpha 11a

    • Fixed missing cubemaps
  6. Alpha 11

    • Redesigned mid

    • Removed spawn building sniper window

    • Made floor near spawn building window exit transparent

    • Made glass one-way on all windows that cannot be shot through

    • Closed off deathpit opening in garage

    • Various visual fixes and adjustments
  7. Alpha 10

    • Reworked intel dropdown route to make escaping through it more difficult

      • Increased dropdown cliff height from 128 to 256 hu

      • Route entrance is now a shutter door

      • Removed medium health and ammo

    • Reworked mid to make crossing between the upper rooms more difficult

    • Replaced rocks on mid cliff route with fences

    • Various visual adjustments and fixes
  8. Alpha 9

    • Removed entirety of mid dropdown route

    • Increased respawn wave time from 5 to 7

    • Added/adjusted some props to make clipping more intuitive

    • Added props in lower level of spawn building to break the fall of players jumping down from upper level

    • Fixed players being able to climb up intel area dropdown (again)

    • Various visual adjustments and fixes
  9. Alpha 8

    • Mid dropdowns now exit into upper rooms

    • Removed mid dropdown chutes

    • Removed transparent floor section at mid

    • Simplified spawn buildings

    • Adjusted spawn exit positions

    • Reduced width of stairwell near intel area to make room for spawn exit adjustments

    • Added a second window to room overlooking intel

    • Fixed an unintended sightline from intel area to mid

    • Nobuilt intel spawn positions

    • Various visual adjustments and fixes

    • Clipping...
  10. Alpha 7

    • Added a staircase connecting first and second floor of building leading to intel/mid dropdown routes

    • Reduced width of patio outside of spawn and expanded/raised ground displacements to slope up to it

    • Expanded yard near intel dropdown

    • Removed glass from windows in rooms above mid dropdowns

    • Removed props that enabled camping in upper mid rooms

    • Raised func_respawnflag along cliff to prevent dropped flags from getting stuck just above the deathpit...
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