Skybright P-A.2

It's a first start to Making maps.

  1. Pre Alpha 2

    Pootis Ma Gootis
    Read More to see pictures.
    Okay. I know previous versions were a steaming pile of shat. I'll Acknowledge that fact. The older version on its final Compile It died and had too many errors to load it up. So it was a good Idea to stop the original build. Now that I'm building again on the TF2 Hammer I have all of my resource packs from: A Boojum Snark.

    Updates to this are:

    +I've started using the TF2 Hammer instead of the SFM one.
    +I've made interchangeable parts that should in theory work universally.
    -You'll most likely clip like a MoFo.
    -You'll fall out of the map like a MoFo.

    Pictures Actually Taken in TF2!! Surprising.


    1. Skybright_0.PNG
    2. Skybright_1.PNG
    3. Skybright_2.PNG
    4. Skybright_3.PNG
    5. Skybright_4.PNG
    6. Skybright_5.PNG
    7. Skybright_6.PNG
    8. Skybright_7.PNG
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