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Skybright P-A.2

It's a first start to Making maps.

So this is my First Official Map!!! :D:D:D
Now I release a Super Bare Bones Build of the map. It's sort of like Purple Valley Night's met dustbowl and some koth map. It's has problems and I know of a few problems myself and I'm currently working either on the map or on something totally off topic to map making. If you own a server could and are going to do a test run with a few friends I would love to join or spectate and get feedback. Contact me at Twitter because I get notifications sent to my phone.
Pootis Ma Gootis
First release
Last update
King of the Hill

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  • koth_skybright
    I am recycling my name of the other piece of garbage I made.

Latest updates

  1. Pre Alpha 2

    Read More to see pictures. Okay. I know previous versions were a steaming pile of shat. I'll Acknowledge that fact. The older version on its final Compile It died and had too many errors to load it up. So it was a good Idea to stop the original...
  2. KotH Skybright A2.2

    OPEN TO THE WORLD. Literally. Super open to the skyboxes that contain the beast itself. I've done some ground work and I need to smooth it out. I know it's rough. Yikes. For some reason it won't run in the Tf2 Hammer but only in the Sfm Hammer...
  3. KotH_Skybright

    New underground layout. But sadly I need to get a grip with lighting. I have the need to watch more tutorials. So it's VERY DARK, I will fix this in the future as in maybe tomorrow or something like that. I don't know right now. Still first map...