Skybright P-A.2

It's a first start to Making maps.

  1. Pootis Ma Gootis
    So this is my First Official Map!!! :D:D:D
    Now I release a Super Bare Bones Build of the map. It's sort of like Purple Valley Night's met dustbowl and some koth map. It's has problems and I know of a few problems myself and I'm currently working either on the map or on something totally off topic to map making. If you own a server could and are going to do a test run with a few friends I would love to join or spectate and get feedback. Contact me at Twitter because I get notifications sent to my phone. Skybright_0.PNG Skybright_1.PNG Skybright_2.PNG Skybright_3.PNG Skybright_4.PNG Skybright_0.PNG


    1. Skybright_5.PNG

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