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SKYBOX model Pack 1.0

Made by SiniStarR

  1. SiniStarR

    Welcome to the Skybox Pack Version 1.4!!!

    This is packs purpose is to help mappers optimize and create less cluttered map by placing models into the 3D skybox.
    The models in this pack will update and expand upon requests from users. Check this pack for new updates!

    Current Skyboxified Models
    -pine_tree01 (updated!)
    -pine_tree01_4cluster (updated!)
    -pine_tree01_8cluster (updated!)
    -satellite_dish001 (updated!)

    (Please Read the Readme)

    If you would like to request a model for skybox use, please mention it in the comment area below!
    Lastly if you find any problems let me know.


    1. playground0003.jpg
    2. playground0004.jpg