Record Player 2015-08-30

Made by SiniStarR

  1. SiniStarR

    Ok guy's this is my latest release! Acumen supplied the textures and I supplied the model. I wanted to do something unique, and different and I figured why not allow us mappers the ability to add a little more background ambiance with music and whatnot.

    The model is ANIMATED which means it HAS to be prop_DYNAMIC. Or else it wont work. Aside from that, I have a link here and in the Readme that will lead to a plugin that will allow you to make music sound like it is coming from a record for programs like Audacity and Mixcraft. It's free but you need to supply an email in order to get a free key.

    Have fun with this one. If anyone uses it send me a link to your map id love to see how it worked out [​IMG]
    If you have trouble understanding the plugin I provided let me know, ill walk you through it!


    1. gm_construct0003_gt6.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. WanderingDudeTheMapper
    Version: 2015-08-30
    You guys put some real work into this model! It's really nice, will credit you and add it to my maps that are in my servers!