sky_dawn_01 1.0

Made by owly-oop

  1. owly-oop


    So one day waking up next to the hoff, he told me "Make me a skybox that is handpainted in photoshop!". While I didn't feel like it, his irresistible finger pointing at me made me want him pleased.

    So I took up his request and made a skybox from scratch. HERE IT IS.

    Feel free to use it in your map, just credit me. Claim it as your own and then the hoff will give you the look, causing your kittens to hate you and causing your brain to melt. That would be bad.

    Comes with light settings so you don't have to fiddle with them. Feel free to change it though, because since there's no definite sun in the texture there's a bit of freedom. Hoff likes his freedom. I like his freedom.


    1. sky_dawn_test0003.jpg
    2. sky_supersandvich_v1.png

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