Sierra B3

Fight over something, somewhere.

  1. Stuff happened

    - Screw snipers.
    - Added a ramp to the right side of either middle.

  2. Of Health Packs and Madness

    - Tightened up point, reduced capture area.
    - Reduced overal scale, about 10% globally.
    - Lowered capture trigger height
    - Edited a common sniper position to be less effective, but still viable.
    - Made stairs beside points smaller, to alleviate scale around the below point area.
    - Fixed door triggers for Blue side.
    - Lowered overall healthpack amount slightly, but improved the location of them to better be used in the main line of combat.

  3. And Suddenly Beta

    - Cursory artpass.
    - Extreme overhauls of almost every connector.
    - Height differences between point and houses has been upped by 96 units.
    - Completely overhauled Spawn Rooms.
    - Removed cover on the point
    - Removed the wide valley entrance into mid.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]


    1. 20180704230108_1.jpg
  4. I changed some stuff

    - Added, removed and generally rebalanced pickups
    - Redesigned left spawn courtyard
    - New left flank for pushing connector
    - Widened point
    - Rebalanced respawn timer for defenders
    - Fixed an issue where pesky engineers could escape the map
  5. pogchamp

    - Way too many changes to list to completion
    - Left path to the side of the point has been blocked off, and a Health and Ammo pack added in it's place.
    - Added more cover to the point and edited existing cover.
    - Optimized a bit, FPS should be much more stable.
    - @Uncuepa reworked the spawn.
    - @Uncuepa reworked right entrance from spawn and connectors between chokes.
  6. Taking feedback is hard


    - Added passageway to the side of the point
    - Pesky spools have moved!
    - Respawn waves have been increased by 3 seconds
    - Added some more walls near point
    - Added health packs near point
    - Removed ammo on top of IT
    - Moved ramps to the opposite side of the point
    - Removed custom content (for now)

    I really have to do something about the leftmost entrance, it's really wonky at the moment.