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Shipper B4 (Reupload)

Mappers vs. Machine map set in an open shipping department

  1. Bazooks
    An MvM map. Now in beta.
    Open for suggestions.

    -A part-by-part pathing! Paths can be twistier than hell and can be straighter than a straight line!
    -Custom mission styles! You'll never find mission like these anywhere else(Except that you will)!
    -A custom tank and whole just to say that it has double speed!
    -Not much else!


    Installation stuffs:

    Extract the file at the Team Fortress 2 folder.
    WARNING: Only choose the ones you want!

    • The map(.bsp) - Mandatory
    • The navigation(.nav) - Mandatory
    • The pop files(.pop) - In both normal and advanced - Not mandatory but recommended
    • Custom tank model and skin - Doesn't really change the tank, only makes appliances to the custom skin(Doesn't overwrite valve skins, adds a new one), however, might conflict with romevision and community servers that also have custom tank models. - Completely optional.
    • Custom robot icons - Mandatory if you get the custom .pop files
    Screenshots(Updated as for B3):
    20170710220523_1.jpg 20170710220646_1.jpg 20170710220706_1.jpg 20170710220851_1.jpg 20170710220853_1.jpg 20170710220904_1.jpg 20170710220909_1.jpg 20170710220925_1.jpg 20170710220933_1.jpg 20170710220940_1.jpg 20170710220952_1.jpg 20170710221003_1.jpg 20170710221015_1.jpg 20170710221059_1.jpg 20170710221121_1.jpg 20170710221136_1.jpg 20170710221150_1.jpg 20170710221222_1.jpg 20170710221314_1.jpg 20170710221321_1.jpg 20170710221330_1.jpg 20170710224457_1.jpg 20170710224545_1.jpg

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