Shelter rc2 reupload

Two teams. Four capture points. Quite a lot of snow.

  1. reuploading due to download issues

    Only just found out this download got blackholed
  2. cp_shelter_rc2

    "I will never update Shelter again" -me

    I updated this map for inclusion in TF2 Classic. The original intent was just to give it a once-over to check I hadn't left in any custom content that was unaccounted for, but in the process I decided to sort out the last few niggles I had with RC1.

    * removed custom content that I forgot to remove from the previous version

    * replaced crates at B with wooden walls

    * replaced concrete slopes leading to A with nicer-looking wooden walkways

    * removed...
  3. b6

    * uploading this as per request

    * I forget the exact changes but there's HDR and stuff now
  4. cp_pillowcase_b5


    * made new spawns (designed in part by Yrr)

    * increased size of B capture point

    * changed map instructions to say "capture all four control points"

    * sentries and stuff can no longer be built under the planks on B

    * detail improvements

    * clipping improvements



    1. 20160328133434_1.jpg
    2. 20160328133436_1.jpg
    3. 20160328133506_1.jpg
  5. cp_pillowcase_b4

    * soundscapes!

    * removed that side-route near A

    * un-hollowed building at mid and removed stairs

    * general detailing improvements

    * clipping improvements
  6. cp_pillowcase_b3


    * major optimisation improvements (hopefully??)

    * increased amount of health and ammo pickups

    * fixed players being able to get out of the map boundaries

    * decreased mid cap times

    * removed windows from center hut

    * more cubemaps

    * detailing stuff

    * some other things too maybe, I lost the changelog while working on this, oops
  7. cp_pillowcase_b2


    * various detail touch-ups

    * inactive control points are now hidden

    * increased C capture times from 2s to 4s

    * added more hazard tape to B capture point
  8. cp_pillowcase_b1c


    * full artpass (with partial thanks to phi)

    * made C a bit bigger

    * ???

    * probably the last version for a while, not gonna be final tho cos the idea of going straight from alpha to rc made me feel dirty

    * also it's b1c because I was iterating while making this and forgot to change the filename back to b1, deal with it

    pc_a.jpg pc_b.jpg pc_last.jpg
  9. cp_pillowcase_a12


    * pushed entrances to C toward mid a bit (this doesn’t mean I’ve moved C, I’ve just made the bases a bit bigger)

    * reduced spawn time reduction per point captured from 3s to 2s

    * moved the resupply lockers and made the spawn windows longer

    * made flank route by A smaller

    * tweaked the walls surrounding B a bit to make it more easily defensible

    * downgraded some health kits and ammo packs

    * removed areaportals because they kept breaking and I couldn’t be arsed to fix them
  10. cp_pillowcase_a11


    * expanded the building between A and B to be a defensive spot watching over both centre points

    * completely remade the huts flanking B for ~technical reasons~

    * un-hollowed the building housing A (apart from the bit with the control point) and added a route that goes around it

    * reduced C’s cap time from 5s to 2s

    * removed the medium health pack right next to B

    * fixed a case of certain health/ammo pickups (along with certain pieces of geometry) being doubled,...