72hr Sewage A4

Rotationally-symmetrical KOTH map

  1. [MG] Confidentbottle
    Part of the 2017 72hr Winter Jam.
    Fight for control of a sewage and waste disposal plant, with many long-range and short-range fights.
    Platforms around the point are a strong defensive position for watching the point.
    Central capture point is able to be captured from an area underneath the point, in the sewage tunnels
    Map is very blast-jump friendly as well as having numerous spy decloaking spots.

    Big thanks to my friend EatYourSheep for hosting a testing server, and everyone on the TF2Maps impromptu for helping me test!





    A Boojum Snark's Ultimate Mapping Resource Pack

    I hope you enjoy!

Recent Updates

  1. Texture and balancing
  2. A3 update
  3. Changed filename again

Recent Reviews

  1. EatYourSheep
    Version: A4
    Great concept!