Sewage Way A9

2 Factories. 2 Intelligence. 1 river of undrinkable s***

  1. Tuaam
    In the Ensuing years of the Gravel Wars, thousands of Mercenaries have risked their lives killing each other, for the sole purpose of money. With Territory diminishing, RED decides to claim land in a abandoned industrial sector in a city called Teufort, which consists of 2 factories and a lead poisoned sewage canal in the middle. With it's many loading docks and warehouses, Sewageway is a map that needs feedback to be expanded upon in order to make it stand out as a good map in TF2's level library.


    Fully Functional CTF map.

    Many passageways, and Respawn Rooms with 2 exits

    This is a CTF map, if you haven't noticed allready.


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