Monolith A1

Extremely RADICAL and UNSAFE height variation

  1. Tuaam
    The RED owned Project Monolith is one of the worlds largest Offshore Oil Refineries, with additional facilities for fuel development and weapons testing. Construction of the rig began in 1959, and ended development in 1965, being funded by the United States Government.

    In the summer of 1969, BLU Mercenary forces storm the rig and promptly set it to be destroyed in the wake of the Gravel Wars. As the Red team, you must capture all 3 control points to prevent the rig from exploding. Alternatively, BLU must distract red and then escape just before the bomb detonates. If both teams fail in capturing all control points (stalemate), then the bomb detonates prematurely.


    -Alot of height variation (Compared to other maps, at least)

    - 3CP style gameplay, similar to powerhouse.


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