sekhmet B4

Egyptian KOTH map.

  1. Kicking the dust off an ancient KOTH map!

    Years ago, _STAR had koth_sekhmet on his server. The map played okayish, but one of the major complaints was how cramped the point is.

    Finally dusted off this ancient relic of a map, upgraded it, improved it, re-released and workshopped!


    * Map is now MIRRORED rather than rotationally symmetrical
    * Widened the control point area
    * Changed cover and high ground on the control point
    * Added cavern flank route
    * Added sphinx stairs and walkway
    * Raised control point platform
    * Added dropdown near major entrances to control point
    * Widened several rooms and doorways
    * Simplified some ramps and walkways outside of spawn
    * Widened some wooden platforms at control point
    * Changed cover at control point area
    * Changed sky and lighting settings to dusk (custom skybox)
    * Improved detailing
    * Optimized the brushwork
    * Optimized the map in general
    * Updated soundscape


    Time to iterate between B2 -> B3: 26 hours

    Time to compile latest version (final, LDR + HDR): ~10 minutes

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