Saxton Hills

Saxton Hills a2

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Saxton Hills a2

Made by Ravidge

This is my entry in the 72 hour competition.
It's a bit of a mess and that is why I made this thread!
List all the complaints you have thus far, I want to hear everything.

I will release a update with the most important edits under the name pl_saxton_hills_a1

Fix wobbley cart
First release
Last update

Latest reviews

I was pleasantly surprised when I finally gave this map a chance and properly played it with people. I am not typically a Medieval Mode enjoyer, but this map was a *lot* of fun to play in spite of that. The atmosphere is really nice, the custom payload cart is super cool, and I really just had an enjoyable experience on the map in general.

I think the largest issue this map has is that it's built like a regular Payload track, not taking into account that the map is indeed a medieval map; What I mean is that the track is just a bit too long, and the walk times reflect that. This didn't really prove to be an issue when playing, as the timer was very generous, but it *is* something to take into account when making a Medieval PL map.

Overall, I will give this map a Solid 9/10. I had a really fun time on the map and I'll look forward to seeing it in rotations to come!
Gotta love Medieval Mode.

Medieval Payload works pretty well as it focuses a lot of the fighting around the cart which keeps everyone thinking about the objective.

However, this serves to emphasise how open the map is in places which draws the focus away from the cart and spreads players out a lot. Visibility is also an issue in places with low light levels and lots of foliage.