sawmill 2

sawmill 2 a4

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Latest updates

  1. a4

    fixed issue where the map was named Wrong (it had some bozo's name on it) performed some casual earthbending on Blu's side subjected the coast to erosion added my OC <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 sawmill 2 will never be ballin... You Won't BELIEVE How Many...
  2. the unjankening (vscript update)

    sawblade intel changes: logic rebuilt from the ground up, using VScript not as painfully janky! damage radius now calculated from the carrying player, not the flag fixed damage incorrectly attributing to the previous flag holder, potentially...
  3. saw updates + minor layout changes

    updated the saw intel: balance changes: damage saw deals lowered to 210 (was insta-kill) this should lessen some of the pain heavies experienced on this map! self damage on player impact lowered to 75 (was 100) saw-wearing players now receive...