Rust final1

Totally uphill action

  1. Fruity Snacks
    Map by Joe R and 'Aly'

    RED naturally doing something that BLU isn't happy with and BLU has to show that unhappiness with EXPLOSIONS. Nestled in an old Australian Iron Mine, RED is getting ready to launch a rocket and BLU is getting ready to blow that sucker up. Who gets to be the cool team and walk away without looking at their explosion?

    Special thanks to Alex 'Rexy' Kreeger for his tiny boy payload bomb cart.

    No decompiling this map without permission from myself.
    No redistribution of the map without permission from myself.


    1. pl_rust_b40001.jpg
    2. pl_rust_b40002.jpg
    3. pl_rust_b40003.jpg
    4. pl_rust_b40005.jpg
    5. pl_rust_b40006.jpg

Recent Reviews

    Version: final1
    This map's just great. The style and geometry is amazing, and the game play is fun. It deserves a 5 star rating, because it REALLY make me want to play tf2.