Roadstead A1c

A king of the hill map set in a coal shipping port.

  1. Popo

    Anchor your ship in our peaceful waters and take a wander through our lovely port.

    But please steer clear of the top of the hill. There's a bunch of mercenaries fighting over some sort of 'rocket' apparently.


    Make use of the bulletcrops project props with existing mining/shipping props for setting.

    Improve layout based on feedback.

    Known Issues:

    Lighting issues with fences, and the capture point.


    Crash for his video guides, A Boojum Snark for the mapping pack, Ravidge for the lighting, Grazr for the many many tutorials. And many more people I will add here eventually. Sorry if I missed you.


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Recent Updates

  1. Leaks are delicious
  2. Leak fix