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terrible bridge-related decisions

  1. a3

    a3 changelog:

    - changed A
    -- moved outside pickups into a slightly more vulnerable location.
    A played about how I wanted it to, although it fell a little too decisively for some players' likings.
    - changed B
    -- removed Window Gameplay
    it was an interesting idea but not appropriate here. RED got easy shots from a pretty nasty defensive position and players didn't expect it to be open, wanting to focus on fighting in the choke instead of through the windows.
    -- added another route into point building
    this should give BLU more opportunities to dislodge engineers and will pull some of RED away from the other side of the B approach.
    -- added large ammo pack to high route
    engineers should feel more comfortable setting up forward positions here.
    -- added ledge to high route to allow attackers to clear the area a bit before committing
    -- opened up small back corridor a bit and added small pickups to help spies
    -- filled a blind corner that BLU could have trouble clearing
    - changed C
    -- opened up second C approach through main route
    main was a huge choke corridor you had to majorly commit to - attackers now have another option for approaching the point. engineers were too hard to dislodge, so an extra angle should help with that.
    -- improved player guidance
    main didn't stand out and was easily missed - some detail density should draw players' attention.
    -- opened up middle window of the small flank building
    holding this building should require more significant effort from RED. an extra open window drastically reduces the amount of cover it provides from the opposite windows.
    - improved player guidance when leaving BLU forward for C
    - fixed RED forward spawn door trigger not disabling on A capture
    - clipped a bunch of metal sheets i ignored until people complained about them


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